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American-Canadian Tour 2016

Американсько-Канадський Тур 2016
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During the International anniversary tour Ukrainian rock band SKAI visited 10 cities in the United States and Canada with a concert programme ‘SKAI – New Life 15’.


The residents and guests of Toronto had an opportunity to be the first to hear the songs from the album ‘New Life’.


The next concert was scheduled the following day in Chicago, Washington was the next.

SKAI in Chicago



In the capital the artists held a charity concert where proceeds from the tickets were collected to help the ATO soldier Anatoliy Gorbenko. Despite the tight schedule, the musicians nonetheless found time for daily walks around the city, during which they were able to estimate the grandeur of the Capitol and the White House.

New York

Another no less important American city was New York, where long before the beginning of the performance all the tickets were sold out. Musicians also could not avoid this city and spent a lot of time walking around downtown and sightseeing.

SKAI in New York



Another charity event was a performance in Detroit. This time the guys helped Alexander Darmoros, who had lost his sight and leg defending Ukraine. Thanks to understanding people $2119 were collected. This money will be spent on living and treatment of the fighter.


Being in Cleveland, rockers could not miss a great opportunity to visit the legendary museum of rock ‘n’ roll.

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Vancouver met the band with the unusual for the region heavy snowfall. But the weather conditions in Canada did not prevent the guys from taking the opportunity to admire the snowy landscapes of Vancouver from the top of Mount Grouse Grind. Also the rockers were pleasantly surprised because of the acquaintance with Santa.

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SKAI in Vancouver



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The road from Victoria island to Vancouver was not easy. A sudden change in weather conditions and the tight schedule made the musicians take drastic decisions. The concert was postponed for several hours due to the weather conditions that made impossible the use of either a plane or a ferry. During the tour SKAI used a great number of transport: cars, vans, aircrafts, ships, trains and subway.


Good news for the rockers in Prince Albert was the invitation from professional athletes to visit a specialized training center for curling and even to try to play this somewhat exotic for Ukraine game.

SKAI playing curling in Vancouver

In addition to the main concert in Saskatoon on December 9 SKAI were giving free acoustic mini performances for three days and were singing the Ukrainian song where it had not been heard for a long time or at all. Band members met the local high school students of the Ukrainian schools. Meetings were organized with the assistance of the Department of Saskatoon Ukrainian Canadian Congress. The students had an opportunity to chat with the SKAI band and were the first to hear the song ‘Go Go’ from the new album in the acoustic version.

SKAI on a fashion show

SKAI was invited to a fashion show organized by a local charitable organization ‘A stream of hopes’ to raise funds for sick children in Ukraine. Show consisted of the collection of evening dresses designed by local designer Irina Zhytaryuk, who won the title of Miss Ukrainian Canada 2016 in summer, and models of modern Ukrainian designers presented by «Ukie Boutique».

A bright ending of the American-Canadian tour was greeting the band on the 15th Anniversary from the guests and the residents of Saskatoon (Canada).